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Week 5

Question 1The person-centered approach’s view of human nature

 a.Views people as basically competitive.

 b.States that humans are driven by irrational forces.

 c.Emphasizes clients' abilities to engage their own resources to act in their world with others.

d.assumes that, while humans have the potential for growth, we tend to remain stagnant.

Question 2In order for a therapist to communicate “accurate empathic understanding” the counselor must:

 a.Have experienced a situation very similar to the client’s current predicament.

 b.Clarify details and facts relevant to the client’s experiences.

c.Feel a deep sense of warmth toward the client.

 d.Connect emotionally to the client’s subjective world.

Question 3One point of disagreement between existential and humanistic thought involves

 a.A respect for the client’s subjective experience.

 b.A trust in the capacity of the client to make positive choices.

 c.An emphasis on freedom.

 d.The idea of an innate self-actualizing drive.

Question 4Adrianne, who is uncertain about her career goals and is afraid to commit to any career path, is working with a therapist who specializes in using motivational interviewing strategies. What will her therapist look for in order to assess the success of therapy?

 a.An improvement in Adrianne’s ability to block negative thoughts about her career options

b.A reduction in Adrianne’s ambivalence about choosing a career path and an increase in her intrinsic motivation to clarify her direction

 c.Progress in working through unconscious conflicts related to commitment

 d.A willingness on Adrianne’s part to examine her family constellation in order to deepen her understanding of her reasons for her lack of direction

Question 5Patrick has been confronted by family members and friends about his excessive gambling. Despite their attempts to help him, he insists that they are overreacting and that he has everything under control. He does not feel the need to alter his behaviors. Patrick is at which stage of change?





Question 6Carlos, an eight year old boy, was recently removed from his home because he was being physically and sexually abused by his father. In accordance with Maslow’s framework, which needs took precedence?

 a.Physical and safety needs

 b.Belonging and love

 c.Esteem from self and others


Question 7The technique of reflection involves the therapist:

 a.restating the client’s words verbatim.

 b.sharing his or her genuine emotional response with the client.

 c.mirroring the client’s emotional experience of a particular situation.

 d.bringing an actual mirror into the session and having a client look at himself or herself in the mirror.

Question 8Therapists utilizing motivational interviewing strategies view clients as:

 a.opponents to be defeated.

 b.allies who play a major role in their present and future success.

 c.victims of their own psychopathology who need to be liberated from their pain and dysfunction.

 d.people who are lazy and need a powerful incentive to change their ways.

Question 9Accurate empathic understanding helps clients in all the following areas, except: notice and devalue their experiences. view prior experiences in new ways. process their experience both cognitively and bodily. increase their confidence in making choices and in pursuing a course of action.

Question 10The role of a counselor is to provide a safe and inviting environment in which clients can explore the congruence between their values and their behavior and also to:

 a.teach and persuade clients to act the right way.

 b.maintain an indifferent, neutral, and passive role by simply listening to everything the client reports.

 c.avoid challenging the values of clients.

 d.not contaminate the counseling process by imposing values.

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