Herzing NU671 2021 June Unit 4 Assignment Latest

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NU671 Clinical Decision-Making

Unit 4 Assignment  

Clinical Preparation Journal


Each week you will be given a prompt to write a reflective journal assignment that will allow you to investigate areas for clinical preparation in psychiatric mental health.  The reflective journal should abide by APA writing standards, include a minimum of one reference in APA format, and be a minimum of 250 words.

Review video about Adverse Childhood Experience:

Estimated Time to Complete: 16 minutes

Review the article related to the ACEs study:

Hilgen Bryan, R., DNP, AGNP. (2019, February 01). Getting to why: Adverse childhood experiences' impact on adult health (Links to an external site.). The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 15(2). p153-157. https://www.npjournal.org/article/S1555-4155(18)30843-2/fulltext

Review Tool Kit:

Aces Aware. (2020). Provider toolkit (Links to an external site.). State of California Department of Health Care Services. https://www.acesaware.org/heal/provider-toolkit/

What are the main components of trauma-informed care why is the ACEs model of screening is so important in primary care and psychiatric mental health care for ALL patients?

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