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NU671 Clinical Decision-Making

Unit 1 Assignment  

Clinical Preparation Journal

Each week you will be given a prompt to write a reflective journal assignment that will allow you to investigate areas for clinical preparation in psychiatric mental health.  The reflective journal should abide by APA writing standards, include a minimum of one reference in APA format, and be a minimum of 250 words.


Read the article on informed consent:

Zur, O. PhD.  (2020). Introduction to informed consent in psychotherapy, counseling and assessment (Links to an external site.). Zur Institute. https://www.zurinstitute.com/informed-consent/#:~:text=It%20often%20involves%20a%20process,obtaining%20consent%20from%20the%20client

Complete an online search for mental health informed consent. You can search for psychiatry or psychotherapy clinics and most will have information posted on their websites. Review the informed consent documents. Give a brief summary of what you located then identify the main components of informed consent for psychiatric mental health treatment. Must include information related to SI, HI, A/VH, signs and reporting of abuse, etc… Note when informed consent can be breached, what are additional considerations for minors.

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