REGIS NU646 2020 October Week 3 Quiz Latest (100% Graded)

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Week 3

Question 1It is especially important for counselors who work with culturally diverse client populations to do all of the following, except: aware of how cultural self-awareness and sensitivity to one’s own cultural heritage are essential for any form of helping. comfortable with differences between themselves and others in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, and beliefs.

 c.ignore the cultural context of their clients in determining what interventions are appropriate.

d.monitor their functioning through consultation, supervision, and further training or education.

Question 2Identify the only case in which confidentiality must not be breached.

 a.Clients pose a danger to others.

 b.A child under the age of 16 requests counseling sessions.

c.An older adult is being abused.

 d.The therapist determines that the client needs immediate, involuntary hospitalization.

Question 3Resolution of sexual conflicts and sex-role identity is a critical function of the

 a.oral stage.

 b.anal stage.

 c.phallic stage.

 d.genital stage.

Question 4When is the counseling process at its best from an existential viewpoint?

 a.When the client feels comfortable enough to engage in shame-attacking exercises outside of counseling sessions.

 b.When the deepest self of the therapist meets the deepest part of the client.

c.When the therapist uses his or her influence to convince the client to let go of his or her anxiety.

 d.When sessions begin with progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

Question 5A contribution of this therapeutic approach is enables intense experiencing to occur over a long period of time. can be a relatively long therapy. stresses talking about problems, as opposed to doing and experiencing.

 d.the exciting way in which the past is dealt with in a lively manner by bringing relevant aspects into the present.

Question 6The ethics codes do not mandate that dual or multiple relationships

 a.should be avoided or that nonsexual multiple relationships are unethical.

b.are clearly grounds for revocation of one’s professional license.

 c.are helpful in case of counseling one’s friends or relatives.

 d.are impossible to avoid.

Question 7Clients have a right to know about __________ before making highly personal disclosures.

 a.their therapist’s qualifications and personal information

 b.the general goals of the therapist during personal counseling

 c.the approximate length and details of the therapist’s personal relationships

 d.limits of confidentiality

Question 8What is the correct sequence of the psychosexual stages?





Question 9Which of the following is not considered a basic dimension of the human condition?

 a.Capacity for self-awareness

 b.Striving for acceptance of others

c.Establishing meaningful relationships with others

 d.Freedom and responsibility

Question 10All of the following are characteristics that form the basis for an integrative framework in brief therapy except:

 a.time limitation.


 c.the assignment of behavioral tasks.

 d.counselor indirectiveness.

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