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BUS525 Business Strategy and Planning

Unit 8 Assignment  


You will create an 8-10 minute presentation of your key points of the final paper Project and post it to the Unit 8 Discussion Capstone Project Presentation forum. You will comment on at least two fellow students’ presentations.


Please complete an 8-10 minute Powerpoint presentation with audio of your final paper containing the following:

1.             Should discuss the key points of your final paper

a.             Integrating concepts and theories from the text, analyze the company's external and industry environment, internal resources and intellectual assets

b.             Integrating concepts and theories form the text, analyze the company's business-level and corporate-level strategies

c.             Discuss leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship practices

d.             Develop goals and SMART objectives. Provide an overview of the timetable and the required resources

2.             Your Power Point must have a voice over

3.             Should convey passion and energy and not just reading from the slides

4.             Powerpoint or Prezi may be used

5.             Slides should include mainly bullet points, illustrations, tables or figures (No full paragraphs)

6.             Please submit to the Unit 8 Discussion “Final Project Discussion” forum by Wednesday at 11:59 pm

7.             Reply to at least two other students by Friday at 11:59 pm. Your post must include at least two paragraphs and provide clear, respectful, and constructive thoughts on their presentations


•              Your presentation should be 8-10 minutes in length

•              Include a reference slide using APA formatting 6th edition guidelines


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