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WMBA6990 Sustainable Business Practices and Strategies

Week 4 Assignment  

Section 2: Organizational Readiness for Change—Part 1 and Part 2A

For this module’s Assignments, you will continue in the role of a consultant who has been hired by the CEO of your selected company to lead a tiger team tasked with addressing issues the organization is facing. You will build on the work you completed in Module 1 and will resume developing your Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results.

As a reminder, you should use the same organization you selected in Week 1 and continue developing your narrative based on the problem or issue you identified for the organization. At this stage, you have already analyzed the culture, social and economic climate, and purpose of the organization. Now you will use some of that information, along with the knowledge you have developed throughout this program, to evaluate the current state of the organization. Specifically, your task for this module’s Assignments is to evaluate the health of your selected organization, its needs and opportunities for change, and its readiness for change. As in Module 1 and for the purposes of this exercise, you are at liberty to use your creativity to fill in gaps in the details about the organization. Be sure to consider the different functional areas, or business units, within the organization to ensure you are conducting a thorough assessment.

This week, you will begin to compile Section 2 of your playbook. Be sure to address the requirements for Parts 1 and 2A, and include specific examples (where appropriate) and relevant citations from the Learning Resources or from others throughout the program, the Walden Library, and/or other appropriate academic sources to support your work.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Return to your WMBA 6990 Assignment Template to complete Section 2—Part 1 and Part 2A of your strategy playbook.

By Day 7

Submit your 2- to 3-page evaluation of the organization’s health and the need and opportunity for change for the organization, to include the following:

Part 1: Evaluating the Health of the Organization

Based on your analysis in Section 1 of the playbook (in which you classified the current organizational culture of your selected organization), assess the health of that organization’s culture. As part of your assessment, describe the influence of the culture on morale (both positive and negative).

Then, evaluate the overall health of your selected organization. In your evaluation, be sure to do the following:

Explain what a healthy organization is.

Include at least two examples of organizational health demonstrated by the organization.

Include any areas in which the organization is demonstrating a lack of health.

Part 2A: Evaluating the Need and Opportunity for Change

Describe the characteristics of a successful business. To further support your assertions, research and locate an organization that has achieved success. Identify at least two examples of business practices the organization employs that have helped it achieve success.

Based on the characteristics of a successful business that you have identified, analyze the ways in which your selected organization is currently successful. Provide two or more specific examples to support your response.

Refer to the Week 4 Assignment Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.


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