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BUS525 Business Strategy and Planning

Unit 2 Assignment  


This Robin Hood Case Study Assignment is related to the initial steps in the Strategic Planning Process. It will require you to integrate your learning on organizational values & culture, stakeholder evaluation, mission, vision, strategic goals, and SMART Objectives. The case is on page C2 and is the first case in the textbook. The paper should be 3-4 pages long. Please closely review the grading for this assignment.


In this Unit, we have presented material introducing initial important elements of the strategic planning process. Our focus this week is on the importance of understanding the stakeholders, the existing values and culture of the organization, and the development of quality mission & vision statements, strategic goals, and SMART Objectives. We are asking you to apply these concepts through an evaluation of the organization called Robin Hood’s Band of Merry Men.

We highly recommend that you review the course material in Unit 2 before undertaking this assignment. In particular, pay close attention to the assigned Textbook readings.

Additional information is presented in Unit 1 and Unit 2 that apply to the assignment as well.

This assignment is based upon the Robin Hood Case Study. In the Robin Hood Case Study, you will see that the organization, The Band of Merry Men, is facing many challenges. The assignment calls for you to evaluate the Band of Merry Men as an organization, including its existing values, culture, and influential stakeholders, and to present your view of a mission, vision, an example strategic goal, and example SMART objectives for the Robin Hood organization going forward.

Note that in order to achieve a stated vision, multiple strategic goals would be required. Also, to achieve each strategic goal, multiple SMART objectives will be required.

However, for this assignment, we are asking for only one example strategic goal, and then two SMART objectives to help achieve the strategic goal.

You will then be asked in the conclusions section, to assess the alignment of the organization’s culture with the mission, vision, strategic goal, and SMART objectives you have proposed.


Follow the outline of sections above and use section Headings for readability. You are free to add sections if you view it as appropriate. Your paper 3-4 pages and must be written in “third person” language. You must follow APA Guidelines and use professional writing.

Document Sections:

•              Subject and Purpose of the Paper: Brief introduction of the Band of Merry Men and a description of the purpose of the paper.

•              Stakeholder Summary: Provide your view of the important stakeholders that need to be considered, and describe their impact and/or influence on the Band of Merry Men and the development of the future direction.

•              Description of the Organization’s Culture: All members of the Band will bring their own “personal” values with them to Sherwood Forest. Organizational culture is then defined as those personal values that are “shared” by the organization as a whole. This section is to focus on describing these shared values (culture), and identifying from your view the strengths and weaknesses in the current culture that the Band embraces.

•              Proposed Mission: Provide your view of the mission of the Band of Merry Men through presenting a clear Mission Statement and a brief explanation.

•              Proposed Vision: Provide your view of the vision that the Band of Merry Men should seek to achieve in the future by presenting a clear vision statement and a brief explanation.

•              Example Strategic Goal: Present one example strategic goal that the Band should pursue to help it achieve the vision you presented. The strategic goal is to be presented as a broad-reaching “statement.” Include a brief explanation of the rationale for the strategic goal.

•              Proposed SMART Objectives: Present two example SMART Objectives that will help the Band of Merry Men translate the stated strategic goal to reality. The SMART objectives are to be presented as statements that fully meet S-M-A-R-T requirements. Refer to Unit 1 material presented on SMART objectives. Note that we are only asking for two SMART objectives, even though more than two would likely be required to achieve your stated strategic goal fully.

•              Conclusions: This section is to address the degree of alignment of the existing Culture of the Band of Merry Men with the mission, vision, strategic goal, and

 SMART objectives presented. Is the organization well positioned to seek its Vision, or will it face barriers going forward caused by the current culture?


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