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BUS525 Business Strategy and Planning

Unit 1 Discussion

DQ1 Final Project Selection

Please review the details of your final project in this course.  In 3 - 4 paragraphs:

Select and describe the organization that you will use for your final project in this course.

Provide a general description of the organization including the type of business, its current strategic planning process and cycle, its current mission statement, current vision statement, and current core values if they exist.

Give three goals that they currently focused on as part of their strategic plan.

Note: You should select an organization that you have significant interest and passion for and have access to data, information, and resources beyond what is available on the internet.  In response to your peers, please share your thoughts on their organizational selection and focus.

DQ2 Advice to CEO of Martinsville Manufacturing Corp

Regarding the fictitious story of Martinsville Manufacturing Corporation discussed in Unit 1, what advice do you have for the CEO going forward concerning the strategic planning process by utilizing the readings and materials for Unit 1? In response to your peers, compare and contrast your advice.

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