Part 1&2 - What is the role of a facilitator in this type of meeting

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PART I: 600 words and 2 references.

Complete a response to Case Study 3.1: Building the Better Mouse in your textbook.

In your case analysis, be certain to answer the following questions:

1.   What is the role of a facilitator in this type of meeting?

2.   Describe some of the key tools that a facilitator can use to gain group alignment.

3.   Why do you think the room was filled with only Design Engineers? What should be done about this situation?

4.   Describe some of the tools that would allow this group to gain a better understanding of what the customer would want. How could this group use this information to build a better computer mouse? Why is this important?

Case studies require the ability to assess the presented situation and then synthesize this information to make recommendations that minimize the risk for other organizations. After an introductory paragraph, provide a summary of the situation. In subsequent paragraphs, present the key learnings that came out of the situation and make recommendations to improve the situation presented. The paper should conclude with a summary paragraph that answers the question, “Why should anyone care?” about this situation… Although there are no limitations to the length of the paper required for the case study assignments, in general the paper should be at least two pages with double spacing. Please be sure to follow all APA requirements.

Part II: 300 words with a reference.

Explain different approaches to lot traceability. Why is lot traceability important for most organizations?


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