Discuss the major influences and environmental forces affecting

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Discuss the major influences and environmental forces affecting buyers of your Course Project product and what you can do from a strategic perspective to influence their buying behavior. Basically, apply a few strategies that you learned from Fig. 3.2, P. 70 to your respective project subjects, and ANALYSE possible buying outcomes, Fig. 5.5, P. 149 (why do you think this will work). Example, 'if we continue MBA education online, we can enroll a few more students who cannot attend in-person classes' (Force: Technology; Purchasing Decision/outcome: 'Higher Enrollment').

Example: Job market slightly cooled down in August. Current unemployment rate is 3.8% according to the WSJ. Economic studies consider 'normal' unemployment rate 6.2%. Based upon this, what economic implications shall we face this Fall?


Help Wanted will stay everywhere. The job market is still tight. Especially, low qualified jobs in services and retail. Just this indicator is not enough to speculate about some 'soft' recession coming soon. It looks like it is very seasonal (peak vacation time). We need to continue monitor the Fall job data.


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The following books are required for this course.

Principles of Marketing 18e Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. 2020 Pearson


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