BUS202 Week 3 Discussion (dq1+dq2)

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Discussion 3.1

Thinking Passage: Perception and Reality in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Dan Baum, in his article “The Price of Gun Control,” contends that in our efforts to curb violence in America we are making a mistake by focusing on guns. He states: “It’s true that America’s rate of violent crime remains higher than in most European countries. But to focus on guns is to dodge a painful truth. America is more violent than other countries because Americans are more violent than other people. . . . by obsessing over inanimate pieces of metal, we avoid looking at what brings us more often than others to commit violent acts.” Do you agree that “Americans are more violent than other people”? Should we be focusing on gun control in our efforts to curb violence? Why or why not?

Discussion 3.2

Thinking Passages: Global Warming: What exactly is “global warming”? What is the role of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in creating global warming? What are some of the devastating effects scientists believe that global warming will result in? What are the reasons and evidence that have convinced scientists that global warming poses a potentially catastrophic threat to the future of the Earth?

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