BUS202 Week 5 Discussion (dq1+dq2)

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Discussion 5.1

Thinking Passages: The Evolving Concept of “Family”:  The author of the first article, Kate Rice, quotes Alexis Walker: “Family is both a belief and a practice.” Professor Walker explains that her students tend to view a family in traditional terms, comprising a mom, a dad, and children. Yet when she asks students whether they come from a family like that, only a few put their hands up. How would you explain this discrepancy? Did you find the same split perspective in your response to the first question? Why or why not?

Discussion 5.2

Thinking Passage: Using Metaphors: Explain what the author means when he says “we think with our bodies” and “abstract thought would be meaningless without bodily experience.” What examples does he provide to support these statements? Can you think of examples of your own that illustrate this insight?

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