Unit 1 Assignment - Legal Reasoning

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Assignment: Unit 01: Legal Reasoning

Q1. Joseph was taking the Economics 101 course with his friend, Allison. Joseph was struggling with the material, and he explained to Allison, "This just doesn't make much sense to me. I know that once I get into my management major I can do it. I just have to get through this course because all the other courses I have been able to handle. Could you just let me see your answers for the online questions on the reading?" Explain what type of ethical dilemma Allison is facing in this situation.

Q2. Refer back to the Joseph and Allison situation, and add the following facts. Allison is nervous about allowing Joseph to have her answers. Joseph tells Allison, "Look, how many people on this campus do you think have helped people with their homework? It's not a big deal. Nobody will know about it." What tools is Joseph using to convince Allison?

Q3. Refer back to the Joseph and Allison situation, and suppose that Allison agrees to let Joseph have her answers. List who is affected by their actions.

Q4. Refer back to the Joseph and Allison situation, and add these facts. Allison allows Joseph to use her homework, and then Joseph says, "Allison, I am really going to need some help studying for the exam, and it would be better if we sat close during the exam so that when I get into hard areas, I can look over for some help. I will make sure no one sees me. Can you help me?" What is happening between Joseph and Allison?

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