NUR514 Making EBP Real- PICOT Latest 2023

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About this activity:

In this discussion, you will identify and discuss a relevant clinical scenario, formulate a searchable, answerable clinical question and generate keywords for database literature searching. Upon completion of this activity, you will have met the following objectives: M2-O1, M2-O2, M2-O3, CO6.

Before you begin:

•              Reference the Course Schedule for the due date.

•              View the PICOT Question Discussion Rubric [DOCX]. (below)

•              Read “Making EBP Real: A Success Story” in Unit 1, Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt textbook..

•              Select the title above to access the discussion and review the details of the assignment

NUR 514: Making EBP Real- PICOT Question Scoring Rubric

Expectations       Points Possible

Making EBP Real: A Success Story

Identifies the searchable, answerable clinical question (PICOT) in the selected story.           15

New Scenario

Identify appropriate clinical problem or area for improvement (real or hypothetical).         15

Identify appropriate clinical/healthcare outcomes and clinical unit data (internal data) that demonstrates a need to improve clinical/healthcare outcomes.    15

Formulates a searchable, answerable clinical question (PICOT) about the identified clinical/healthcare problem.    15

Identify keywords from your PICOT question to use in a future electronic database search.              15

Post constructive peer review feedback to at least two classmates.             15

Formatting and Miscellaneous

•              Uses APA 7th edition format, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

•              References within last five years unless historical publications needed.

•              Adheres to 400-word limit for assignment.            10

Total      100


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