MARYVILLE NUR416 Module 6 Assignment 2 Latest 2023 January

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Module 6 Assignment 2

Disaster Management and Preparedness Assessment

Explore the following websites:

Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. Prepare Your Health.Links to an external site.

Disaster and Emergency Planning. Ready in 3. Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

And review the video below:

Nicholas Comninellis, MD. (2012). From Rescue to Self Reliance. Vimeo.

After viewing the resources, review and assess the Disaster Preparedness Plan for a community of your choice. Write a paper 3-5 pages on how it functions from a public health perspective. What roles do nurses serve during a disaster? Describe the relationship between EMS and other disaster response agencies such as fire, police, etc. Do you think the organization has created a viable, strategic plan of response that would serve well in the event of a disaster? Why or why not?

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