MARYVILLE NUR416 Module 8 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest 2023 January

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Module 8 Discussion

DQ1 Community Health Article

Locate an article related to community health. Post it as a PDF, or provide a link if it's located online. Why is this article and topic important to community health? Who is the community being served or affected in the article?

DQ2 Culture of Health Project Presentation

Post your final Culture of Health Project PowerPoint presentation.

You may use a voice-over PowerPoint or a standard PowerPoint. You should prepare at least 3 questions for your peers to answer after viewing your presentation and facilitate a discussion.

Guidelines and Grading Criteria:

Concise summary of the project. (10 points)

Project objectives clearly stated and discussed. (10 points)

Evaluation results. (10 points)

Overall ability of the presentation to hold the interest of and engage the audience. (20 points)


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