MARYVILLE NUR416 Module 2 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest 2023 January

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Module 2 Discussion

DQ1 Caring for a Vulnerable Population

Watch one of the following videos:

Frontline. (2012). Poor Kids. PBS.Links to an external site.

Frontline. (2009). The Released. PBS. Links to an external site.

In your post, identify which video you watched and answer the following questions.

What are your thoughts after watching the video?

What issues did you identify as priorities for caring for this vulnerable population?

How might you as a community health nurse address some of these issues?

DQ2 Assessment of Your Community

Locate a community assessment for your community or another and discuss how this might be used in public/community health. What interventions might be utilized to improve the health of your community?


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