Interdisciplinary Healthcare Part 1&2 - Create a Case Study to explore interdisciplinary

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Interdisciplinary Healthcare

Part 1:

Create a Case Study to explore interdisciplinary Health Care Roles in the care for the patient in your case study. The patient must come from one of the populations we have studied during this course. The Ethnicities studied included Black, White, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaska Native, or Asian Populations.The Case Study will include A complete description of the patient’s cultural, religious, and social background. Create one patient diagnosis.

 Begin this assignment by watching the 10 minute YouTube video Meeting the Needs of California’s Diverse Patient Populations 

Part 2:

Design an interdisciplinary plan of care that provides culturally competent care.

  • Identify roles of the interdisciplinary team providing care
  • Identify the specific role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Describe the APN standards of practice in caring for the patient
  • Describe ethical guidelines
  • Describe organizations that might contribute to patient care
  • Identify non-traditional health and healing practices that the patient may request during the hospitalization and upon discharge home.

Do  write up using APA formatting,(4pages) with a minimum of three citations from three separate references that should include peer-reviewed nursing articles published within the last five years. 

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