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Module 4 Assignment 1

Culture of Health Project Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan: (100 points)

Each student/group is to develop a written implementation plan for their community health project. The plan should be typed in APA format and submitted electronically in Word format to the faculty by the date specified on the syllabus. The written plan should be no longer than 10 pages in length (excluding the cover page, references, and attachments).

Each written plan is to include:

A brief description of the project that includes what is to be done, to whom, and where. This brief description should also include the rationale as to why you are doing this project (verses another type of project within your community). Use data from your community assessment to justify your rationale. This description should be no more than 2 paragraphs and one page in length. (10 points)

Profile of your target population for the project. (5 points)

Objectives for the project. Objectives should be specific and measurable. The objectives should indicate what sort of outcomes you hope to see upon implementation of your project. (15 points)

Description of services to be provided or “deliverables.” (25 points)

Identify when you will provide the service, where you will provide it, the number of potential participants or recipients of service, the methodology you will use (lecture, discussion, development of learning modules, etc.).

State in detail what you are going to do.

Provide an outline if you are doing a presentation.

Describe or provide a copy of the materials to be used (the teaching materials, pamphlets, etc.).

Describe how you will deliver the service.

Identify materials/products/equipment needed and who will supply them.

Provide a timeline for development and implementation of your project.

Identify potential barriers to implementation of your project.

Marketing/Advertising (5 points)

Describe how you will advertise/market your project.

How will you get people to come?

Describe or provide examples of marketing/advertising.

Costs (15 points)

Develop a basic budget for the project.

Include development costs (the time you spend developing the project), implementation costs, marketing/advertising costs, evaluation costs.

Include personnel and materials in the budget.

We do not have to be specific about salaries, the cost associated with the time of degreed professionals at $30/hr (this would be RN’s, teachers, health educators, etc.) and cost paraprofessionals at $15/hr.

Community venue for project (10 points)

Describe the agency where your project will be implemented.

Include the size, mission, and goals of the agency and their target population.

This should be no more than 1 paragraph.

State how your project meets the goals/mission of the agency.

Evaluation plan (15 points)

Identify who will evaluate your project (besides your faculty).

Find or develop a tool that will elicit the feedback of those you have identified.

Attach a copy of the tool.

Indicate how you will use the tool ( for example, will you use the tool before and after if you are giving a presentation to see if there is an increase in knowledge or skills).


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