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MAT135 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Module 1 TEST  

Test #1


I.  True or False

1.  ______________     The height of President George W. Bush is considered a variable.

2.  ______________     Probability is used as a basis for inferential statistics.

3.  ______________     The variable age is an example of a qualitative variable.

4.  ______________     The boundary of a variable such as 6 inches would be 5.5-6.5 inches.

5.  ______________     The weight of pumpkins is considered to be a continuous variable.                         

II.  For the following statements, tell whether descriptive or inferential statistics have been used.

6. _______________   The average life expectancy in New Zealand is 78.49 years.  (Source:  World Factbook 2004)

7.  _______________  A diet high in fruits and vegetables will lower blood pressure. (Institute of Medicine)

8.  _______________  The total amount of estimated losses from hurricane Hugo was $4.2 billion.  (Insurance Service Office)

9.  _______________  Researchers stated that the shape of a person’s ears is related to the person’s aggression.  (American Journal of Human Biology)

10.  ______________   In 2025, the number of high school graduates will be 3.2 million students.  (National Center for education)

III.           Classify each as nominal-level, ordinal-level, interval-level or ratio-level-data

11.  ______________   Ratings of movies as G, PG, and R.

12.  ______________   Number of candy bars sold on a fund drive.

13.  ______________   Classification of cars as subcompact, compact, standard, and luxury.

14.  ______________   Temperatures of hair dryers.

15.  ______________   Weights of suitcases on a commercial airline.

IV.          Give the boundaries for each value.

16.  _______________                48 seconds

17.  _______________                .56 centimeter

18.  _______________                9.1 quarts

9.  _______________  13.7 pounds

20.  _______________                7 feet

V.            Classify each as random, systematic, stratified or cluster

21. _______________  To conduct a pre-election opinion poll on a proposed amendment to the state constitution, a random sample of 10 telephone prefixes (first three digits of the phone number) was selected and all households from the phone prefixes selected were called

22.  _______________  To maintain quality control in a brewery, every 20th bottle of beer coming off the production line was opened and tested.

23.  _______________  Subscribers to the magazine Sound Alive were assigned numbers. Then a sample of 30 subscribers was selected by using a random-number table. The subscriber in the sample were invited to rate new compact disc player for a “What the Subscribers Think” column         

24.  ________________  To judge the appeal of a proposed television sitcom, a random sample of 10 people from each of three different age categories was selected and those chosen were asked to rate a pilot show.

25.  ________________  To evaluate the differences in employee benefits, you select a sample of businesses using the Island Business Directory. Select a random starting place and then use every 50th business listed until you have 100 businesses.

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