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MAT135 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Module 1 Discussion

DQ1 Qualitative and quantitative data

Chapter one provides information regarding the various types of data that researchers utilize in their statistical research studies...

In addition to your readings, please view this video to better understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative data.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research: The Differences Explained | Scribbr ???? (Links to an external site.)

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research: The Differences Explained | Scribbr ????

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative data? When would you use one and not the other? Think of a study that you have read about or researched in the past. What type of data did the researcher utilize?  Could the study have been improved and, if so, how (using a different type of data, examining different variables, etc.)?

DQ2 Previous research and data collection methods

Please view the video below from Khan Academy discussing the various types of statistical research: (Links to an external site.)

In regard to your previous personal, professional, or academic experiences...

What type of research have you done in your educational or professional career? For those of you working on a capstone/graduation project, what type of research are you conducting?

 If you have not previously done your own research or have no immediate plans in the future to do so, what is a topic that you would enjoy researching?

 What types of data would need to be collected for the study (qualitative vs quantitative)? Would the use of charts or graphs be helpful?


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