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MAT135 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Module 6 Discussion

DQ1 Politics and economics

 (This discussion question will be similar to the Politics and Economics question from Chapter 5: Data Projects (p. 309 #5).)

Choose any state. Find out what percentage of citizens is registered to vote (or feel free to use another topic instead (ex. education, income, vaccination status, etc)).

What state did you choose? What percentage did you find? Assuming that this is a binomial variable, what would be the mean in a random group of citizens with a sample size equal to the number of students in this class? What would the standard deviation be?

Are you surprised by your findings? How do your calculations compare to your classmates?

The total number of students in our class is 22. In the binomial formulas: The probability of success would be the number you find registered to vote. The probability of failure would be the percentage not registered to vote. 

DQ2 The Importance of Statistics

Attached are two videos that help to summarize the importance of statistics. Although many if not all of you have taken this course as a requirement, the impacts that your knowledge and understanding of these concepts will prove beneficial in both you academic and personal lives. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

For this DQ please watch the videos linked above and take some time to reflect on the information that you have learned throughout the last few weeks!

What surprised you the most about statistics? Did you know how important this field was in our everyday lives? Is there a topic that you would like to learn more about or investigate further? Is there a certain aspect of statistics that you believe we should spend more time examining in the course?


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