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MAT135 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Module 2 Discussion

DQ1 Misused statistics

As you will learn throughout this course, there are many ways in which statistics can be misused, misrepresented, skewed, or flawed. This can happen both intentionally and unintentionally.

Please watch the TED talk which discusses how statistics can be misused:

How statistics can be misleading - Mark Liddell (Links to an external site.)

How statistics can be misleading - Mark Liddell

For this discussion, I would like for you to provide an example of how statistics can be misused. In addition, can you think of an example of misused statistics? Was it purposeful or accidental?

A quick Google search will yield some interesting results such as this article:

DQ2 Working in teams to conduct a research study

Before beginning this DQ please read the following article regarding the benefits of statisticians working on teams for research projects.,and%20apply%20diverse%20research%20methods.&text=A%20further%20advantage%20of%20team,to%20learn%20from%20each%20other (Links to an external site.).

 What are your thoughts on online learning and collaborating as a team?

Look up (if you are unfamiliar with it) Google Drive (Document sharing)  and its features. What does it offer that would be beneficial to online learners particularly in a team setting? Do you plan to utilize something similar to complete your team assignment?

In addition, have you had the opportunity to work on team assignments in mathematics? Have you worked on team assignments online?

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