LC MAT135 2022 April Module 3 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest

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MAT135 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Module 3 Discussion

DQ1 Statistical research topic

As we have discussed, sometimes the data used in statistical studies can be intentionally or unintentionally flawed or misrepresented. There are many reasons that this may happen.  (Links to an external site.)

This week I would like for everyone to discuss some of their findings from their research project that you have been working on.

Are you planning to examine flawed research or misinterpreted data?

What types of data were used in the research?

Did you have difficulty finding resources and what sources did you use (library articles, general search or another database)?

Did you discover anything particularly interesting about your research?

 How will this project help your future academic or career goals?

DQ2 College statistics

We live in a world surrounded by statistical data and facts. Researchers use data compiled to make improvements to our daily lives, in our professions, and even in academia. Before beginning this discussion follow the link to this short video : 42 Fun & Interesting College Statistics and facts. (Links to an external site.)

How do you think these statistics were calculated? Who is responsible for tabulating and sorting through all this data? Since the time the video was made what do you think changed the most and in what way? Lastly, were any of these numbers shocking to you?

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