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MAT135 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

Final Exam

Directions:  Place all answers in the space provided.  Circle all of your answers.  Show all work used to arrive at your solution for partial credit consideration.

For the following statements, tell whether descriptive or inferential statistics have been used.

1. _______________   The average life expectancy in New Zealand is 78.49 years.  (Source:  World Factbook 2004)

2.  _______________  A diet high in fruits and vegetables will lower blood pressure. (Institute of Medicine)

3.  _______________  The total amount of estimated losses from hurricane Hugo was $4.2 billion.  (Insurance Service Office)

Classify each as nominal-level, ordinal-level, interval-level or ratio-level-data

4.  ______________     Ratings of movies as G, PG, and R.

5.  ______________     Number of candy bars sold on a fund drive.

Give the boundaries for each value.

6.  _______________  48 seconds

7.  _______________  .56 centimeter

8.  _______________  9.1 quarts

Classify each as random, systematic, stratified or cluster

9. _______________  To conduct a pre-election opinion poll on a proposed amendment to the state constitution, a random sample of 10 telephone prefixes (first three digits of the phone number) was selected and all house holds from the phone prefixes selected were called

10.  _______________  To maintain quality control in a brewery, every 20th bottle of beer coming off the production line was opened and tested.

  Distribution of salaries of the ACME Corporation

 11.         What is the approximate number of employees who earn between $33,000 and $43,000 annually?

12.            There are approximately 2,700 employees of ACME Corporation.  About what percentage of employees earn over $76,999?

13.          The largest percentage of employees earn between $44,000-$54,000.  Which 2 salary ranges have roughly an equal amount of employees?

   According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the lengths of business cycles from 1919 to     1995, measured from trough to trough (a trough is the low point) in months, were

61           38           46           50           74           73           98           58          

65                           44           127         62           74           38           110         57

14.  Find the Mean

15.  Find the Median

16.  Find the Mode

17.  Find the Midrange

18.  Find the Standard Deviation

19/20.  It has been claimed that for samples of size n=10 the range should be roughly three times as large as the standard deviation.  Check this claim with reference to the following test scores, which 10 students obtained on an examination: 73, 86, 68, 67, 87, 80, 60, 76, 71, and 82.

 When two dice are rolled find the probability of getting:

21.          A sum greater than 8

22.            A sum that is divisible by 3

A recent study of robberies for a certain geographic area showed an average of 1 robbery per 20,000 people. In a city of 80,000 people, find the probability of the following.

23.             0 robberies

24.             1 robbery        

25.             2 robberies

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