Grantham CJ102 Typologies of Crime Essay

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CJ102 Grantham University Typologies of Crime Essay

Typologies of Crime

Chapter 10 in your textbook discusses several violent crimes and crime typologies related to them. Considering what you have learned here, and drawing on information learned in previous chapters, such as Chapter 4 which discusses Rational Choice Theory and several aspects of crimes and the offenders who commit various types of crimes, write a well-constructed, one page essay (500+ words) that discusses one type of crime and the type of criminals who commit them. Your essay should address:

The type of crime being discussed (i.e. homicide, burglary, etc.)

The possible reasoning the offender has for committing the crime

How the crime is structured (how victims, location, etc. are selected)

What efforts could be made in order to deter these crimes from happening

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