Identified global target audiences for NationaliTea’s global launch

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In Milestone One, you identified global target audiences for NationaliTea’s global launch, as well as cultural considerations for addressing them. In this milestone, you will use your initial target audience analysis to identify appropriate media channels the company will use to communicate with global audiences, as well as establish global citizenship standards to guide external communications.


NationaliTeas is an online tea shop that’s seen a rise in popularity. The company has grown from a small domestic business with 10,000 customers a month to a global organization that serves 250,000 customers a month with international ties and partnerships. The expansion of the company has resulted in the need for guidelines for communicating with both domestic and international audiences, including employees and the public. Because NationaliTeas has not worked with international locations before, management is unsure of how to approach its messaging in a way that is professional and culturally sensitive.

You have been hired by NationaliTeas to create a global communication plan, which will consist of audience analysis, global communication best practices, and company-specific communication practices that can be used to communicate with internal and external audiences across the globe as the company continues to expand.


Create a written report that identifies the media and communication channels best suited to the company’s global target audience alongside example messages, as well as a summary of recommended global citizenship standards. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Part I: Best Practices

· Defining Standards and Principles: Identify global citizenship standards and principles that the company will use to guide internal and external messaging and general business practices, and explain their purpose in improving communication and collaboration practices using supporting evidence.

· Proactive Benefits: Explain how your identified global citizenship standards will improve the overall quality of global communication and collaboration as well as reduce potential cultural or civic concerns for both internal and external audiences.

Part II: Messaging

· Media Channels and Communication Methods: Identify the primary new and traditional media channels and communication methods the company will use to communicate with global audiences, and explain how each specific channel should be used for sharing external messages.

· Media Message: Create the copy (written content) for an example media message per identified channel that can be sent to global audiences to announce the company’s expansion using global communication best practices. The example can be for a new or traditional media channel. If the message would require visual components (e.g., Instagram post, printed flyer, etc.), you may describe the types of visuals you would include following your example message.

· Rationale: Explain how each selected communication channel or method and the corresponding example message aligns to your identified target audiences and follows global communication best practices.

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