Describe the changes in civic life associated with urban growth

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1 Describe the changes in civic life associated with urban growth in later medieval Europe.  Use the document in the Diversity and Dominance section of the textbook, "Persecution and Protection of Jews, 1272-1349," in your analysis.  What does this document reveal about the position of the Jews in wester and central Europe

2 Discuss the effects of Mongol domination on Russia, and emphasize how it shaped Russia's economic and political development.

3 What were the major caused of population decline in the fourteenth century, and what results did this have in social, economic, and political terms

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4 Describe how the decline of the Byzantine Empire correlates to the Rise of the Holy Roman Empire.  Provide examples of their interaction with each other.

5 Explain how Islam was able to spread from Spain to India in a relatively short amount of time, dominating a wide range of territories and societies.

6 Describe how the Tang Empire blended Chinese and Turkish elements to create what the chapter calls a "cosmopolitan world."

7 Compare and contrast the empire of Mali and Delhi in the period 1200-1500.  Include a discussion of slavery in your response.

8 Describe the political and economic transformation of Western Europe and the decline of Rome.  How did the organization of Medieval European societies differ from that of Rome at its height?

9 What was the importance of Confucianism in East Asia? Why was it so readily adopted in East Asia but not in Inner Asia

10 Describe the detail the knowledge and skills that the Mongols spread across Eurasia.  How did the Mongols integrate different cultural and intellectual traditions

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