PSY525 Discussion 2 - Authorship is extremely vital

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Discussion 2 PSY525

This week focuses on the order of authorship in presentation and time management while conducting psychological research. Familiarize yourself with the readings in Module 2 as your primary reference, then use the St. Leo Online Library for peer review sources and to find relevance to this week’s topic.

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1) Authorship is extremely vital in the presentation of a project. It has been said that when completing a paper or a dissertation that if any assistance is provided from professors, they should not be added as an author unless authorized by the student. This can be a controversy aspect. Detail what the different opinions are regarding this along with your personal opinion. What else do you feel is a conflict in the order of authorship in papers?

2) With every project, thesis, study, and even in our personal lives, time management is vital in maintaining an appropriate study as well as stability in life. When conducting a professional study, time management takes on different roles. In what ways do you feel time management in a study is important in collecting correct and appropriate data? How does time management apply in your professional and personal life in accordance with completing your Master’s Program in Psychology?

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