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Question 1 Works of art have both form and content. In this statement, form refers to visual characteristics, while content means ____.

Question 1 options:

 a)           happiness

b)            subject matter

c)            line, shape, color

d)            chiaroscuro

Question 2  

The study of symbols in a work of art is referred to as

Question 2 options:

 a)           Form

b)            Biomorphic shape

c)            Iconography

d)            Humanism

Question 3 The Renaissance saw a renewed interest in

Question 3 options:

 a)           The ideals and art of classical Greece and Rome

b)            Subject and style of the Middle Ages

c)            Black Plague

d)            All of the above

Question 4 Renaissance artists:

Question 4 options:

 a)           Used the human form and everyday objects to represent spiritual ideas

b)            Relied on the extensive use of gold leaf to represent the heavens

c)            Were influenced by the philosophy known as Humanism

d)            Both A and C

Question 5 Which of the following did Renaissance artists use to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface such as a painting or drawing:

Question 5 options:

 a)           One-point perspective

b)            Overlapping

c)            Aerial perspective

d)            All of the above



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