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Unit 10

1. Field research that deals with crime is best served by focusing upon crimes that are visible such as drug selling or prostitution.

2. Which of the following guidelines are not appropriate for completing field notes?

3. Kim, while doing field research with a police department begins to become more sympathetic to officers’ behavior. She would be considered to be:

4. When doing field research, researchers should be aware that sampling dimensions can be impacted by the varying behavior of people affected by the:

5. The letter to a formal organization should include all of the following topics except

6. Sponsors, who help a researcher gain access to a subculture, are also known as:

7. When it is necessary to study phenomenon in their natural setting, experiments are the best approach to take.

8. If you are interested in studying drug dealers, which of the following would make a good informant to assist you in gaining access?

9. Validity is especially weak in field studies.

10. If the researcher feels they will need to ask questions of the subjects, what is the best technique in field research to use?

11. Many aspects of physical settings are probably best studied through

12. Because field research is generally considered to be comprehensive in nature, it tends to ensure the observations are more:

13. Interviews in field research which are somewhat structured (as opposed to unstructured) would be appropriate for use on which group?

14. Finding the right sponsor in a formal organization is often the most important step in gaining access.

15. One way to gain access to a subculture would be to

16. Which of the following is not true concerning a sponsor?

17. To gain access to a formal criminal justice organization for the purpose of conducting field research which of the following steps should be followed?

18. If you wanted to study juveniles who steal cars, who would serve as your best informant?

19. Recording graffiti might be best accomplished through:

20. Which of the following is appropriate for gaining access to criminal justice subcultures such as active criminals, deviants, or juvenile gangs?

21. In which of the following situations would unstructured interviewing techniques be appropriate?

22. In structured field observations, the data collection form resembles a survey questionnaire. For example, the environmental surveys are used for which of the following research purposes

23. Field research is not especially appropriate for topics that:

24. Field research is often associated with qualitative techniques.

25. What role does the sponsor play in field research?

26. There are 2 different methods for obtaining data in field research, asking questions and:

27. Which of the following is not something that your letter, as a follow up to identification of the sponsor, should contain?

28. Which of the following groups would be good candidates for snowball sampling when doing field research?

29. It may be helpful to record field notes onto highly structured forms created prior to the beginning of the study.

30. What is the relationship between validity and reliability with respect to field research?

31. Which of the following would not be an appropriate crime to study using the field research technique?

32. Which of the following is a serious consideration for researchers who adopt the role of complete participant when doing field research?

33. Which of the following is an ethical question that needs to be addressed by the researcher?

34. In what role does the researcher observes some location or process without becoming a part of it in any way?

35. Field research would be most appropriate for which of the following topics?

36. Which of the following is accurate with respect to field research

37. Which of the following is accurate concerning data acquired during field research?

38. Qualitative field research is very reliable.

39. Field research uses what technique to gather data?

40. What time of the year would be best to do an observational study of thefts from cars parked at shopping malls?

41. Which of the following may be a concern if we are interested in studying “career drug dealers” and we use our friend from the probation department to act as our informant into that subculture?

42. Fortunately, when doing field research, sampling is very straight forward and you don’t have the concerns that would be present in survey techniques.

43. Which of the following would not be an example of a topic that would lend itself to field research?

44. Dr. Garcia wants to study migrant farm workers and how they move from one agricultural job to another. In order to do this, Dr. Garcia will live and move with the workers for one summer while they pick strawberries in Florida. What would increase the impact and generalizability of his study?

45. Which of the following is false concerning the use of field notes for recording observations?

1. Which of the following is not accurate with respect to the data that agencies collect?

2. Which of the following situations would not have an impact upon error in agency records?

3. Which of the following is important to remember when using agency records?

4. NCVS data would be helpful in answering all of the research questions EXCEPT

5. Social artifacts such as written documents or articles from newspapers would be best understood using which of the following?

6. Which of the following is not an advantage of using secondary data?

7. Which of the following statements is most accurate?

8. By its very nature, secondary analysis is always unobtrusive.

9. Understanding the details of how agency records are produced is one of the accepted means of controlling reliability and validity problems.

10. Dr. Jones is having his Introductory to Criminal Justice students analyze cartoons. He instructs them to identify the number of violent acts per show, the type of violent act and the characteristics of the victim. Dr. Jones is having his students use:

11. If you wanted to measure the number of date and acquaintance rapes that happen in this country and use UCR data as your source, what is likely to be your most significant problem?

12. Dr. Quinn is interested in studying the amount of overtime worked by police officers. He gains access to agency personnel files. This is an illustration of which type of data?

13. The publication produced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that includes information about hundreds of justice agency data sets, characteristics of criminal justice agencies, and perceptions of crime, to name just a few, is:

14. Data collected by other researchers is often used to address new research questions.

15. Agency records and statistics published by agencies or governmental entities are most commonly used for which type of studies?

16. In an effort to insure that textbooks for introductory level criminology and criminal justice courses are gender and race neutral an analysis of the language was undertaken. Which of the following would be appropriate?

17. Which of the following would be an example of agency records that would be appropriate as a source of data for research?

18. Which of the following is not accurate concerning validity and reliability of agency records?

19. A researcher is interested in using content analysis to determine how the United States Supreme Court has changed its interpretation of the 4th Amendment’s “unreasonable” search and seizure prohibition over time. Which of the following are the units of analysis?

20. Which of the following is an example of content analysis in criminal justice research?

21. When dealing with the conceptual problems that emerge from complex relationships between different units of count, Maxfield and Babbie suggest:

22. FBI statistics and annual reports from the Federal Bureau of Prisons are examples of:

23. Clinic workers in a major Northwest city have been asked to track the incidence and patterns of STDs in their patients as part of a research project dealing with public health. They ask a number of specific questions upon intake but do not ask about their clients’ sexual partners. The only way to examine patterns in the spread of the STDs is to add a question to the intake form about the identity of their sexual partners. The data that was gathered illustrates:

24. Coding in content analysis involves the logic of conceptualization and:

25. Which of the following would not be an appropriate target of content analysis?

26. Agency records, secondary data and content analysis do not require direct interaction with research subjects.


27. Being able to link an individual to the agency data collected about him/her is a clear violation of reliability and validity.

28. When a researcher uses the term “silo databases” she is referring to:

29. In Sherman and colleagues’ research dealing with crime hot spots they chose to use ‘calls for service’ to local law enforcement as a means of measuring where different types of crimes happened with greatest frequency. They noted some problems with the use of calls for service. Which of the following represents those problems?

30. They underlying meaning of a communication is it’s:

31. Which of the following data sources could not be coded for use in content analysis?

32. Which of the following would not be considered appropriate use for agency records?

33. When using agency records, it is possible to move from individual to aggregate units of analysis, but not the other way around.

34. What factor is most important when evaluating the reliability and validity of agency records?

35. It is relatively easy and common to have agencies modify their data collection forms in order to get information needed for a specific research project being conducted from someone outside the agency.

36. A researcher is interested in studying the budgeting of money within a police department in a mid-sized American city. She gains access to the department’s detailed records of expenditures and human resources. This is an example of which type of agency records, as described in the text?

37. Which of the following is not an example of nonpublic agency records?

38. Content analysis involves the systematic study of agency records.

39. In which of the following analyses is content analysis least likely to be used?

40. Which of the following is most accurate with respect to published statistics?

41. You are analyzing data that has been collected in annual waves for the past twenty years. Which of the following might be problematic in this type of analysis?

42. Being able to benefit from the work of topflight professionals and esteemed academics is an advantage of using:

43. Since criminal justice record keeping is a social process reflecting the decisions made by criminal justice personnel, a researcher must be careful of the impact this may have on the validity and reliability of the data.

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