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Module 8 Discussion

Understanding the Importance of Organizational Behavior

How can understanding organizational behavior make a difference within an organization? Is it necessary for employees to know the principles within organizations and what might be the results if they do or do not have that understanding? As a student in organizational behavior, you now have the answer to those questions.

Initial Post:

In Module 1, you outlined how you justified taking this course as an employee of a struggling organization. Organizational behavior sounded far too vague and your boss was not instantly convinced that it was worth the company funds to pay for such a course. Now that the course is over, your boss would like a follow-up and a report on the following:

What are the 3-4 of the greatest take-aways from this course? (You will need to refer to specific topics covered in this course.)

What things have you learned that could be immediately applied to your organization at either the individual, group, or organizational level that would improve its current processes or behavior?

Is there a single most important factor in organizational behavior? Justify your answer with relevant examples.

Reply Post:

In your responses to classmates, share additional insights you have gained the importance of various elements of organizational behavior after reading their posts.

To ensure the utility of your recommendations, the guidance you offer should be limited to 300 – 400 words maximum.

A well-crafted recommendation would incorporate references to the details provided in the profiles with direct linkages to your advice.

To strengthen the credibility of your recommendations, cite evidence to support it.

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