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 BUS311 Business Law I

Week 4 Quiz  

Question 1Laura gives her neighbor Jack the right to use Laura’s driveway to access his garage, since it is easier than going around by the alley. This is an example of:

  A bailment

  A profit

  A tenancy in common

  An easement

 Question 2Carmen tells Jason, “I just found out I have cancer and I probably only have a month to live, so I’m giving you my oil painting, ‘Flowers in a Vase’.” Jason commiserates over her impending death, thanks her, and takes the painting. This illustrates:

  Two of these

  A gift causa mortis

  An irrevocable gift

  A revocable gift

  A gift inter vivos

 Question 3Josh parks his car in a self-service parking ramp, taking a ticket as he enters and leaving his car on the second level. His car is stolen. If Josh sues the owner of the ramp

  Josh wins; this is a bailment.

  the owner wins; Josh assumed the risk of parking in the ramp.

  Josh wins, unless there was a sign disclaiming responsibility.

  the owner wins; this is not a bailment.

 Question 4In the case Kelo v. City of New London, when the city sought to take Kelo’s home by eminent domain to sell it to a private developer, the Supreme Court ruled that

  the city had the power to take Kelo’s home, since increasing the tax base was a public use.

  Two of these

  state legislatures could limit the power of eminent domain.

  it was an unconstitutional taking of Kelo’s home.

 Question 5Anna gathers leaves that have fallen from a neighbor’s tree onto the sidewalk and makes them into an elaborate collage. Anna owns the collage by:



  Eminent domain


 Question 6Which of the following is NOT involved in doing business on behalf of the corporation?





 Question 7Personal property is defined as

  property which is attached to land.

  property which is fixed in an object.

  portable property.

  property which is owned by an individual.

 Question 8Which of the following business organizations takes the fewest formalities to form?



  Limited partnership


Question 9Jake moves into an empty house. The owner lives down the block, and sees Jake coming and going periodically. Before Jake moved in, the house was often vandalized, but Jake seems to be taking care of it. After 20 years, the law declares Jake to be the owner of the property. This is an example of:

  An easement


  An implied tenancy

  Adverse possession

 Question 10Isabel invents a new type of exercise shoe, which she calls the “Super Soul.” To protect the name of her product, Isabel should get a:





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