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Module 5 Discussion

Management, Teams Building, and Group Dynamics

Did you know that team management and member selection can directly impact an organization’s financial bottom-line? Even simply considering personalities before putting together a team could make or break important projects. According to Gino (2015) from the Harvard Business Review, studies show that teams led by extroverts have been found to be high performing, but only if the employees on the team are more passive. Teams led by introverts have been shown to be more effective when members of the team are more proactive and extroverted. There are many factors to be considered when forming effective teams. Please refer to Chapter 4 Management (4.0-4.18) for your responses.


Your weekly conversation with your supervisor involves a new manager within your organization. He has been tasked with the formation and leadership of a team assigned to work on a critical project. Project success represents potential revenues in excess of five million dollars. The upfront investment in this project is significant and the stakes are high, but if it works, the return on investment is worth the initial cost.

Leadership wants to ensure that the right people are working on this high-profile project as many departments throughout the organization will be impacted by it. They have asked your supervisor to support the new manager as he builds the project team. Leadership is anticipating justification for team selection before proceeding.

Scenario Questions

Your supervisor has asked you to use what you are learning about management to draft guidelines to assist the project manager as he formulates the team.

Initial Post: Post your recommendations using the following framework:

There are many factors to consider when putting together a successful team. In your recommendation, supply your perspective as to the three most important factors to consider when building this team. Strengthen your assertion with supporting material from the module readings and from external resources that you find.

In your opinion, what factors need to be considered when determining the effectiveness of this team?

Thinking about your experience with teams, whether as a leader or member, what were the ingredients for team success?

Reply Post: From the point of view of a hiring consultant, provide advice to two of your peers.

Wearing the hat of the new manager tasked with forming this team, reflect on the recommendations of your peers. Outline additional insights you have gained about team building and group dynamics from their posts.

In what ways does their rationale make sense?

Recommend other factors that would strengthen their plan. Include your rationale.

How would you integrate their plan with yours to build a strong team?

To manage your reply, use the following parameters:

Ensure the utility of your recommendations by offering a reply limited to 300 – 400 words maximum.

Incorporate references connecting their details to your reply.

Strengthen the credibility of your recommendations by citing supporting evidence.

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