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Module 1 Discussion

The Importance of Organizational Behavior

You are working for an organization that supports continuous professional development for employees and you are being partially reimbursed for your tuition expenses. However, your organization is experiencing some operational strain as a result of budget constraints caused by recent changes in the external environment.

You mention to your supervisor that you have enrolled in an organizational behavior course this term since you need your supervisor's permission to get approved for reimbursement. Your boss would like some more explanation on why you should use company funds to enroll in this course, especially given some of the budget constraints that the organization has been experiencing. She had no issues with your previous enrollment in courses such as finance, data analytics, and writing since she sees these courses as enhancing your technical skills, but she wonders if organizational behavior is mostly common sense. Your supervisor is also not sure why you have to read about research methods in this course and especially in your introductory chapter.

Initial Post:

Create a discussion post that responds to the following issues:

What is organizational behavior?

Why is it important to study organizational behavior?

How will learning about organizational behavior research methods (section 1.4 of your main reading) help you better understand organizational behavior concepts?

In responding, we encourage you to:

Provide examples that relate to the actual organization you work for but please do not specifically identify your organization. If you are not currently in the workplace, this can be from previous work experience or any other organization that you have information on.

Glance through the list of module titles that we will be covering in this course and use that as part of your response. [Note: We realize that at this stage you have not dived into all the topics but the titles provide a quick snapshot of the issues that will be covered. For example, you can use the titles to connect your discussion to a challenge your organization might be facing.]

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