Digital Aquarium - The digital aquarium and discuss it considering

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Digital Aquarium

From your own experience or from searching the internet, find something analogous to the digital aquarium and discuss it considering (about 2 pages): challenges to ethical practice management of requests for fad treatments suggestions for navigating the minefield of practice dilemmas

This is the only information that I think can help. I have not done or even heard about a digital aquarium,

The only treatment I could think of that was analogous to the digital aquarium that I've come across was "grounding" or "earthing". The client's mother asked me to wrap her child in a blanket (that plugged into an outlet) with a negative charge whenever he was upset. My supervisor jumped in and told the mother that since we are here for ABA we can't deliver other services and that she is welcome to use the blanket but that she would have to be the one using it, not me. She also requested that we go outside for 15 minutes out of each hour, and let her child walk around barefoot for the same reason. My supervisor was able to convince her to do 30 minutes every two hours (the two 15 units back to back) instead to cut down on transitions. Our policy is that the parents must be outside with us, which meant the mother would be liable if the child hurt himself while not having on shoes. We did accommodate her request to use her blanket and go outside, but we did not administer these treatments.

Although I haven't used a process like the digital aquarium, as a practitioner, If the "digital aquarium" entails constructing a virtual or digital setting to improve well-being or offer a favorable experience, it might be regarded as compassionate care. For instance, virtual reality or computer simulations may be utilized in hospital environments to provide solace or diversion. Like digital pet therapy, there are circumstances in which keeping virtual pets or animals is impractical but may still be utilized to offer comfort or company.

Also, Sensory Rooms with Digital Features: In healthcare or educational contexts, sensory rooms may combine digital features like interactive projections or screens to create a peaceful or exciting environment.

At my facility, one of my individuals, 16 years old, has begun to bend; his mother requested that the facility massage his upper back since he spends more time there because that will help straighten his back. Imagine what parents think to get result

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