Humans May Not Be Able to Handle as Much Heat As Scientists

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Humans May Not Be Able to Handle as Much Heat As Scientists Thought


Summarizes the article highlighting key points

What are the long-term impacts of the issues surrounding your article? Who or what is impacted? Financial impacts? How does it impact your life or society in general? What is your overall opinion of what you read?

Provides additional links or references that you used to help deepen your understanding of the topic.

Meets page and formatting requirements. APA/works cited page. Overall effort on project (grammar, organization)


“Meets Expectations “criteria AND refers to the importance of why it is a key element within the article.

“Meets Expectations” criteria AND looks to make connections to their own life and any impacts it may have on them in the future.

Students provide more than 2 resources that help to promote deeper understanding of the material. The student provides insight as to why these resources are beneficial and explains how the additional articles or links are relevant to the original article.

Journal response meets formatting and page requirements, has no spelling or grammatical errors. Thoughts are well organized and expressed.

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