Systematic Reviews and if included meta-analyses

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How to Read a Systematic Review 

Systematic Reviews and if included meta-analyses are in-depth reviews of a specific clinical question.  The systematic review contains the narrative portion and the meta-analysis contains the data and graphs portion. Quality systematic reviews follow a strict set of criteria for creation.


  1. Watch the video.
  2. Read the article The Role of Vitamin D in the Age of COVID?19.pdf
  3. Using the systematic review article linked above to identify the following (You may copy and paste the information):
    1. The research question (s).
    2. The population (Clear inclusion/ exclusion criteria).
    3. Intervention (s).
    4. Specific outcomes 
    5. An explicit search strategy
    6. Results
    7. The synthesis (the most important part)
    8. Conclusions and recommendations
    9. Use of statistics (meta-analysis).
    10. Limitations 
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