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Is Your Kitchen Safe? Discussion Board.

TOPIC. Is your kitchen safe?

Each year in the United States, more than 70 million cases of foodborne illness occur, resulting in 5,000 deaths.  This video examines foodborne bacteria including how they are spread.  As you watch the video, pay close attention to how the bacteria are spread from surface to surface:

the video link.  


After watching the video, see if your kitchen can pass these food safety tests. To find out, go to:

LA County Dept of Public Health - Food Safety QuizLinks to an external site.

Clemson University - The Clean Kitchen TestLinks to an external site.

After you complete these, answer the following questions in your message:

1. Please describe what you learned from the video AND what shocked you the most.
2. Summarize your results from the food safety tests.  What were your scores?  Overall, how did you do?  Is this what you expected?  Why or why not?  Please explain your answer.
3. Based on what you have learned from the video and how you answered the questions on the food safety tests, DESCRIBE (don't just list) 2 changes should you make in the way you store and handle foods in your kitchen? Please provide specific examples.  OR, if you don't have to make any changes, please DESCRIBE (don't just list) 2 things that you are already doing to keep your food safe?
4. Are there any foods that you will eliminate from your diet to minimize your risk of food borne illness? If so, which ones and why? If your answer is no, why not? Please explain your answer in detail.
5. How would you apply the information learned here to an early childhood education setting?  In your answer please list AND describe 2 things and include examples (don't just list) that you can do to keep children safe from food borne illnesses.

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