Assessing Appropriate Articles - Empirical articles describe original

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Assessing Appropriate Articles

Assignment Description

In this course, you will need to access and read different types of articles. Empirical articles describe original research and typically utilize quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods research designs. Non-empirical articles are articles that summarize best practices, present cases to illustrate points, offer alternative perspectives and theories, or suggest new ways of looking at phenomena. You can use the Counseling Master's Research Guide: Searching by MethodologyLinks to an external site. for help with searching for quantitative, qualitative, and non-empirical articles.

The purpose of this assignment is twofold:

  1. To demonstrate that you understand the difference between empirical articles and the other kinds of published articles (non-empirical).
  2. To demonstrate that you understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative empirical research articles.

Assignment Instructions

Complete the following: 

  1. Select?four articles from the Capella library that are no older than three?years. The articles should be related to your specialization and inform your practice. Select one of each type of the following:  
    • An example of an empirical study. 
    • An example of a non-empirical article. 
    • An example of a quantitative empirical article. 
    • An example of a qualitative empirical article. 
  2. Download the Week 3 Assignment Template [DOCX], and save it to your computer. 
  3. Follow the directions in the template, using the four articles that you selected to complete the assignment. 
  4. Submit the completed template for grading. 
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