Mobilizing organizational resources to accomplish organizational goals

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Student Learning Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate an ability to lead and manage in public governance

Topics that would demonstrate your mastery of this SLO include.  (NOTE: Remember that in your case study you are writing about  what you learned during your time in the MPA program, not what you have done or can do professionally.  Also, be sure that you are referencing something specific from your course work such as Learning Materials, videos, or assignments that demonstrate your learning experiences.):

  • mobilizing organizational resources to accomplish organizational goals.
  • aligning organizational goals with laws and public policy. 
  • leading in an ethical, moral, and legal manner

Keeping the above topics in mind, listen to the following podcasts: 

GovLove - A Podcast About Local Government: Good Governance & Leadership with Ian McCormack on Apple Podcasts 

Donna Washington and the Power of Storytelling | LTIS Episode 7 > National Conference of State Legislatures (

NCSL Podcasts: Peter Groff: Leading Is All About Relationships | LTIS Episode 4 on Apple Podcasts


NCSL Podcasts: Nancy Koehn: The Nature of Leadership | LTIS Episode 2 on Apple Podcasts

Then, in a 2-4 case study discuss the listed topics linking them to the information and/or themes presented in the podcasts.  Your case study should also include a discussion of why the ideas about leadership addressed in the podcasts are good ones and explain which of the ideas would be easiest for you to utilize in a leadership position and why.Remember to cite all sources properly and include an APA formatted list of references.

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