Ecological Footprint - Sustainable Development and Ecological Footprint

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Assignment: Ecological Footprint 


· Within this assignment, students will investigate the concepts: Sustainable Development and Ecological Footprint.

· You will first visit the link embedded, where you will complete the “ My Ecological FootprinLinks to an external site. t” questionnaire.

· Please reflect on your impact on the environment and natural resources based on what is established by Sustainable Development and per the results within the questionnaire.

· Answer the following within your writing assignment -

· How does your ecological footprint compare to the average in the world?

· Were you surprised or not with your results?

· Are you taking any future actions to reduce your footprint?

Contribute a minimum of 2 pages. It should include at least 2 academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.

Be sure to review the  academic expectations  for your submission.

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