BEHS300 Week 3 Discussion

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BEHS300 Week 3 Discussion: Research Proposals and Design in the Social Sciences

This week we will be addressing the components of a good research question first, and then you will identify something that you think you may want to do your Literature Review on along with three research questions pertaining to that topic. For this discussion, complete the following:

1) Identify, describe and explain the five key features of a good research question. 

2) Brainstorm some potential topics of interest. Some ways in which you can come up with a topic are to think about favorite classes in college thus far and what you learned from them. After you have identified a topic, develop three possible research questions you could ask about that topic. Then:

· Operationalize your terms.

· Explain whether your research questions are exploratory, descriptive or explanatory in nature, and consequently if they are inductive or deductive in nature.

· Discuss whether or not you believe your question(s) is suited for qualitative research or quantitative research.

· Identify the dependent and independent variable in your research question(s) or explain why there isn't one.

You will notice that you are going to be revisiting the idea of inductive and deductive research and how these approaches affect quantitative and qualitative research.  These are inter-related and are on a continuum in the research process.  In your Course Resources, you will find a document that we will be referring to as we cover the various components of the research process.

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