Cultural Intelligence CQ - Summary of the different cultural environments

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Cultural Intelligence CQ

Write a Five-page summary of the different cultural environments in which we live today and how CQ Drive can help us build confidence to overcome a personalized scenario. 

In Chapter 3 of your Cultural Intelligence book, you find a story entitled “Eat and Socialize.”  Aini is from Jakarta, Indonesia, and has just experienced her first international business trip to the United States.  She faced a completely different cultural norm surrounding food/business.  

For this assignment:

·  Create a problematic multicultural scenario similar to Aini’s experience. This scenario can be personal or fictional; however, it must be relatable. 

·  Explain how CQ Drive relates to the scenario. Cite Livermore, since CQ Drive is his concept.

·  Identify the coping strategies a person might need to effectively deal with the scenario and build confidence.

The title page and reference pages are not included in the minimum page length.  APA citations are required, and you must have a minimum of two primary sources. Be sure to support your ideas with at least the Livermore text. 

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