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LEH353 Studies in the Arts

Final Exam

Short Answer:

1.) Define World music. Explain its popularity. Name 3 prominent artists or music genres that fall under this category. (250 words). (5 point scale)

2.) Discuss the importance of popular music in different areas around the world.. What trends do we see in music around the globe? Cite particular examples. (250 words). (5 point scale)


3.) How has technology impacted the development and consumption of popular music? Use specific examples of technology and discuss three different time periods (ex. swing era, 1960s, 1980s). Make sure to define popular music and technology. Explain in detail how this technology was able to change popular music in its respective time period. (750 words) (10 point scale)

 Overall grade (average of the 3 questions= 5 point scale).


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