Create a Strategic Plan for a healthcare company

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Creating a Strategic Plan 

Create a Strategic Plan for a healthcare company that you are reasonably familiar with or one in which there is significant public information available.

Your organization MUST have a healthcare focus. 

Include the following components in your strategic plan:

1. An Executive Summary (this component follows the coversheet and is contained on a page alone)

2. A brief description of the organization/system

3. Overview of the mission, vision, and values

4. An environmental analysis:

1. SWOT Analysis

2. Market trends

3. Population served

4. Target customers

5. Competitor analysis

6. Driving forces

7. Technology changes

5. Regulatory changes

6. Strategic goals and objectives

7. Key performance/quality indicators

8. Strategic priorities/programs (at least three)

9. An Appendix (which should include graphs/tables, forecasted volumes, etc.)

Your plan must be formatted per APA guidelines. 

You have the autonomy to choose ANY company/organization that you would like. However, you are going to want to select a company/organization/system you will be able to gather enough information about to write your paper.

Some companies/organizations do not share some information and it may be difficult for you to write your paper. You may write your paper using your current organization/company.  This is often the most feasible option for students since they have a background in the organization/company in which they work and they have access to individuals within that organization/company that can provide them with helpful information. 

Competencies Assessed: 

1. Leadership

a. Leading Change (C)

2. Communication and Relationship Management

a. Communication Skills and Engagement (C)

3.  Health and Healthcare Environment

a. Health Systems and Organizations (C)

4. Business

a. General Management (C)

b. Strategic Planning and Marketing (C)

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