Discuss the difference between correlational and experimental

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2.Discuss the difference between correlational and experimental research. be sure to explain the strengths of each approach

3. Discuss validity. Describe internal validity, external validity, and why each is important.

4. Discuss ethical issues in conducting social psychology research.

5. Explain self-perception theory and describe at least one study that has been conducted to support self-perception theory.

6. Describe the two-factor theory of emotion. Be sure to include at least one study description in your response.

7. Why do humans have self-esteem and why is it important. Be sure to answer through the lens of social psychology.

8. What is the fundamental attribution error? Be sure to describe at lease one study in your answer to this question.

9. Explain the self-fulfilling prophecy and be sure to describe at least one study in your answer.

10. Describe Stereotype threat. A full description will include explanations of the original experiments and newer research as well.

11. What is the shooter bias? Be sure to describe research in your answer.

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