Healthcare Networking And Security

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Healthcare Networking And Security

FlyingData Inc. is a health information management consultancy and at the start of the pandemic in 2020, all employees had to work from home. The office administrator contacted you 2 days afterward and mentioned not being able to access any folders or files needed for her job. As the network administrator, you were asked to ensure the office administrator is able to get access to the needed folders and files.

P.S: The User's computer has an internet and can access other cloud applications, but not anything hosted onsite.


1. What is the main reason the user is unable to access the files and folders onsite?

2. Lay out a detailed approach on how you will resolve this issue

3. Name 5 common protocols for your response to question 1

4. Based on the solution to question 1, list 5 examples of tools the company could purchase to fix this issue.


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