Week 3 Discussion 1: Voices of Diversity, Race and Ethnicity

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6051 Discussion 1 - Week 3 Nw

Discussion 1: Voices of Diversity: Race and Ethnicity

How do you even begin to talk about race and ethnicity? And, specifically in a social work context, how do you broach these topics with clients, families, and communities? In 1994, eight American men of various backgrounds (African, Asian, European, and Latino descent) sat down together in a room to talk about race. What followed was a raw, emotional, and difficult conversation that peeled back the layers of racism’s impact. Although the Color of Fear film is decades old now, the need to talk about race remains.

For this Discussion, you view one such conversation among faculty and then analyze what you observed, considering the various perspectives and how they may inform social work practice.

To Prepare:

· View the Voices of Diversity: Race and Ethnicity video showing Social Work faculty sharing perspectives and experiences related to race and ethnicity. 

· Reflect on the video, identifying ideas, experiences, or statements that resonate with you, as well as strategies that were described.

By Day 03/16/2022

Analyze what you learned from the Voices of Diversity video regarding perspectives and experiences related to race and ethnicity. Specifically:

· What idea, experience, or statement resonated with you the most, and why?

· What is one strategy described in the video that you will apply toward your self-awareness and/or cultural competence? How might this strategy help when working with a client who is racially or ethnically different from you?

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