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Making Creativity

BUSM 49001 Creativity and Innovation in Business | Creativity Exercise 1 (5%)


For this exercise, you will use Bing Chat to make a conceptual representation of creativity. Before beginning the assignment, you will have explored scholarly definitions of creativity through two assigned readings: “The Standard Definition of Creativity” and “Beyond Big and Little: The Four-C Model of Creativity.” Please achieve reading comprehension prior to starting this exercise.


The key deliverables for this exercise are:

1. A conceptual representation that expresses creativity in a novel and effective manner.

2. A written elaboration that explains how the conceptual representation expresses creativity with quotes from the assigned readings integrated.

3. Affirmative comments on classmates’ posts.

Artificial Intelligence

Use of Bing Chat to create a conceptual representation of creativity is permitted for this assignment. However, you are required to create the idea for the image and prompt. Any other use of artificial intelligence is strictly prohibited. For example, using artificial intelligence to generate the written elaboration or comments upon other classmates’ submissions will activate Sheridan’s academic integrity process.


1. Reflect upon the Standard Definition of Creativity and the 4Cs Model, consider:

· Generating as many examples of each of the 4Cs as possible

· Generating as many associations with creativity as possible

· Generating visual metaphors that express creativity as possible

2. Select one or two options that are particularly novel and effective:

· The design idea should be novel—it expresses creativity in an unexpected or original manner.

· The design idea should be effective—the audience can understand and appreciate how it expresses creativity.

3. Draft text-to-image prompts for Bing Chat.

· For instructions on how to use Bing Image Creator visit this link. Microsoft recommends using a descriptive structure. Consider using adjective + noun + verb + style for your prompt. When developing a prompt, omit the bracketed words that are included in the samples below.



Groovy (adjective) English Cocker Spaniel Puppy (noun) chilling in a hammock (verb) in Cuban Cubism style (style).


Adventurous (adjective) professor (noun) wearing a jetpack and steampunk safety goggles (verb) in digital art style (style).



4. Enter your prompts and make multiple iterations.

5. Select the most novel and effective conceptual representation of creativity. Write a paragraph or two that elaborates upon the ideas informing the design. Be sure to integrate quotes from the assigned readings and document all research via APA style.

6. Post your conceptual representation and elaboration to the discussion forum on SLATE.

7. Read your classmates’ posts. Provide at least two affirmative replies on classmates’ posts that comment upon the effectiveness and novelty of the designs.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand scholarly definitions of creativity.

2. Develop creativity and innovation skills through a digital activity.

3. Interact with classmates to share ideas and learn from each other.

4. Practice sharing and explaining creative ideas to an audience.

Assessment Criteria

The exercise will primarily be assessed via degree of completion. However, the rubric will be used to indicate level of performance.

1. Creativity: The creation demonstrates originality and uniqueness in its design and concept.

2. Effectiveness: The design expresses creativity in a manner that is understandable and appreciable to the audience.

3. Explanation: The written explanation of the creation is clear and concise, and it effectively communicates the concept and significance of the creation.

4. Course Knowledge: The written explanation integrates direct quotes from the assigned readings, and effectively documents research via APA style.

5. Interaction: Two replies to classmates’ creations adopted an affirmative tone to comment upon effectiveness and novelty.

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